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Dusty Russell 727-480-8661

St.Pete Music Lab Producers

Dusty Russell 


Founder of Goat Path Productions. Making music is my passion. I have been recording local artist and creating music for over 20 years in the Tampabay area. and a very strong electronic engineering background. My day job for the last 25 years I work as a support engineer for Verifone. At night I produce and record artists in my home project studio. The Home studio has been a passion project in the works for over a decade. Lots of time and effort were put in to ensure the studio had good acoustics and provided a noise free enviorment. The equipment selected for the studio is also top notch. Check out the equipment page.

Cantrell Music 

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Ill Will 

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William Da Producer 

william da producer

WilliamDaProducer is an emerging composer/producer based in Saint Petersburg, Florida. William has been making music for 10+ years and during that time, he has become proficient in producing…

Private Studio facility equiped with top of the line hardware and software. Check out the list in production services

A large collection of hardware and plugins gives you creative freedom to express your musical creativity.